OnPage1′s Game Changing Business Statement:

“Most businesses make the mistake of thinking they need NEW business and they go around chasing every new lead generation silver bullet out there in the market. However what most businesses really need is just MORE business.”

There’s a big difference in this statement and one if you spend some time thinking about it, can change your business forever!

At OnPage1 Media we work on this philosophy to help our clients generate more business using both online and offline marketing. We know from experience if we help our clients in these 3 clear areas they’re business will grow and they’ll be a lot happier as well.

The 3 key areas we focus on are: 

Strategy, Traffic and Conversion

Strategy “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small any more. It will be the fast beating the slow.”Rupert Murdoch

Make no mistake the world is changing really fast. Tomorrow belongs to the business owners that think strategically and act fast. As technology starts to change peoples buying habits we are starting to see costly traditional advertising models die a slow death.

The good news is your choice is fairly simple you can either stick with these outdated traditional advertising models. Or you can strategically innovate to position your business in front of the masses that are consuming there new media models faster then ever before.

Traffic –  Without traffic to your website we can guarantee your website wont be generating much business for you. Sadly most business owners think that it’s the websites fault and then go off in search of a new website designer to save the day!

This however generally results in the same old results… business owner out of pocket and the website designer with a new brochure looking website to add to their portfolio.

Okay sorry if this sounds a bit sarcastic it’s just that we’ve seen a lot websites that didn’t need changing or redesign costing the business owners thousand of dollars. What they actually needed was a well defined strategy for making sure you are being found online by people wanting to buy your products and services.

Conversion - In business there’s a saying that goes like this… “You can’t improve what you don’t measure”.

Before the Internet came along this was pretty hard for business owners to do, however now due to technology you can easily test, measure, track and record everything that happens on your website, your email, your facebook page, your phone and even your sales proposals.

The good news is the Internet has given the power back to the business owner. Today you don’t have to guess what marketing generates you the best ROI because you can see it in black and white. Techonology and the Internet have changed the game and it’s making easier for you to win but it’s also making it easier for your competitors to win a as well.

Online Strategy

To generate more leads and more sales online you must have a well thought out online marketing strategy.

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SEO & Content

Quality website content and search marketing is the currency you must have in place for you to win online.

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Google+ Local

If you want to get found by local people looking for your products and services then Google+ Local is for you.

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Google Adwords

We’ve proven it with our own business. We know with Google Adwords you can generate new business today.

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